Grace Biotech

Company Profile

The world's largest contract manufacturer of liquid nutritional supplements and functional beverages.

ODM service offering top-tier professional design, development,

and manufacturing for nutritional supplements/medical & health food products.

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Company Profile

Grace Biotech was founded in Taipei in 2014 and has grown to employ over 200 individuals by 2022. We offer one-stop services for Nutrition Shakes and Functional Beverages, providing 100% customized products that align with your requirements and market demand. Our professional R&D team having developed over 70 different products so far. Our products are widely distributed in hospitals, pharmacies, retail and convenience stores in Taiwan and Southeast Asia. We anticipate providing customers with high-quality, healthy, and safe products, while contributing sustainable value for the economy and the environment.


Business Goal & Philosophy

The core values of Grace Biotech revolve around Trust、Professionalism and Innovation. Advanced manufacturing techniques and rigorous research allow us to rapidly develop qualified, safe, healthy, and competitive products to the market. Through our collaborative products, we can share accurate nutritional information to the public and promote healthy lifestyles.

Affiliate Company



Meita Food Industrial Co., Ltd., founded in 1964, specializes in OEM canned ready-to-drink beverages and obtains multiple international food quality system certifications, i.e., FSSC 22000, ISO 22000, HACCP, TQF, HALAL, GMP, to maintain standardized processes and stringent quality control, ensuring product’s high-quality and safety.

Meita was Taiwan\'s first certified canned nutritional product factory. It has consistently enhanced its manufacturing capabilities and equipment. As of today, the annual production capacity exceeds 36 million cans. In 2019, it took a step further by establishing a specialized production line dedicated to nutritional products. Currently, Meita has manufactured over 400 items, ranging from non-carbonated beverages, sauce packets, nutrition shakes. These products are distributed worldwide, Taiwan, United States, Southeast Asia.

In 2023, Meita plans to establish an aluminum can production line, extending the choice of packaging materials. 

We will provide you with excellent service
Serving thousands of international clients and earning their trust over the years.
We are dedicated to providing you with top-quality services and products.
We are committed to ongoing efforts and improvements to ensure your satisfaction and trust. We appreciate your support and look forward to establishing a long-term partnership with you.
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